In-depth Credit Verification Service is the most advanced verification service of the third party on 1818Lao. The suppliers who have passed the In-depth Credit Verification will get the most advanced credit recognition on 1818Lao. In-depth Credit Verification Service members will get a special logo, highest prior trade recommendation, super high search weight of suppliers and products, and a series of privilege services.

Authoritive organizations and certification in depth will make credit more convincible.

Authority certification organizations will certificate deeply and comprehensively and make complete and detail authority reports. Certification organizations make deep certification about human resources, condition of operation, production capability, quality assurance, management of product procedure, research and development capability, factories, sample pictures, business license and other aspects to make certification display more brilliant.

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Traffic engine and golden display positions make fortune door open immediately.

One set of shop certification is available in 239 country and region sites to realize the effect of covering the world. Searching weight increases with more prior rank. The service contains value-added service privilege. And you can choose many kinds of promotion. Different methods of marketing occupy different positions, and the outstanding positions are attracting more buyers’ attention and favour.

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Top service and prominent serivce giving make the quality exceed the value.

The supliers who have passed In-depth ICV-Services verification can own the relevant noble identification, and meanwhile, get a star identification of supply grade. It is aimed to display suppliers’ comprehensive capability for honesty and faith, selling, and serving, and supply grade. Meanwhile, we freely give In-depth ICV-Services verification Services of other 238 country and region sites. Only you have sucessfully opened shops, and the shops will be automatically changed into shops In-depth ICV-Services verification Services. Except the above, we also give showcase recommendation and shop templates for decoration.

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Procedure of Certification

Submit application and fill in certification information Pay certification fees Wait for certification Certificated successfully
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