Top suppliers
Top suppliers

Introduction of top suppliers

Top supplier service is a kind of promotion service for suppliers to fixedly display products in the first place of search result. It is also a promotion service suitable for users to improve product sale and exposure with accurate marketing and seizing business opportunities. It should be emphasized that about 500 global websites around the world and is closely connected with 1818Lao, and will link and promote 1818Lao at the same time. Therefore, the effect of advertisement promotion of 1818Lao is global and almost more valued 500 times.

The advantage of top suppliers

  • Rank first to attract flow volume.

  • Unique identification enjoys the noble status.

  • Accurate marketing controls the cost.

Usage of top suppliers

1.Way of applying for top suppliers
2.Display position of top suppliers
The products of top suppliers display in the first place of search result, and are marked with the identification “top” to make your products in the first place and service occupy the opportunities, and brand preoccupation. It contributes to improve exposure of products and fame of company, and bring you unexpected amount of clicking and inquiry.

Notices of top suppliers

Only users who open pay shop can purchase top supplier service.

Users who purchase bidding for rank service should agree the Agreement of Top Supplier Service.