Bidding for rank
Bidding for rank

Introduction of bidding for rank

Bidding for rank is a kind of efficient marketing service, and suppliers bid for goods to confirm the rank of goods. The price is higher, and the rank more prior. The features of the service lie in that suppliers can flexibly control website promotion input to effectively improve sale of company and brand fame. It should be emphasized that about 500 global websites around the world and is closely connected with 1818Lao, and will link and promote 1818Lao at the same time. Therefore, the effect of advertisement promotion of 1818Lao is global and almost more valued 500 times.

The advantage of bidding for rank

  • Prior recommendation

  • Display for free

  • Occupy business opportunities for brilliant achievements

  • Pertinent marketing methods

Usage of bidding for rank

1、 Ways of applying for bidding for rank
2、 Display position of bidding for rank
Biddng is binded with search key words. The same key word is for the seven products in top place of bidding promotion, and they will be listed in the search result according to the bidding price from high to low. If there are top suppliers in the list, the products in the bidding promotion will start to display in the second place; if no top suppliers, the products will display in the first place. The products in the bidding promotion are marked with “promotion”. The products that rank eighth to thirteenth will display at the plate of “bidding promotin” in the search result list of products.

Notices about bidding promotion

Only users who open pay shop can purchase bidding for rank service.

Users who purchase bidding for rank service should agree the Agreement of Bidding for Rank Service.